When creating a new course, you'll need to upload your course roster. A roster is a list of the members of your course. You can upload a roster of students, graders, or admins. 

Since there are usually more students than graders or admins in a course, uploading a roster is most useful for adding your students to codePost.

Formatting a student roster for upload

You can format your student roster in two ways:

  • Option 1:  without sections 

  • Option 2: with sections 

Option 1


Option 2

sheldon.cooper@school.edu, Section 1
alan.turing@school.edu, Section 2
barbara.liskov@school.edu, null # null means no section

Note: you can mix and match the two options to specify the sections of some students but not others.

Formatting a grader or admin roster for upload

Grader and admin rosters can only be specified in one way: as a list of users, one per line.


Saving your roster

Once you've formatted your roster in one of the two ways above, navigate to the Roster Upload screen from any roster page. Here, you can drag your roster into the screen. Or, you can build your roster directly in the textbox inside the site.

Note: users will only be notified that they are added to a roster when you have the appropriate setting enabled. By default, new course members will not be emailed when they are added to a roster. You can read more about how students sign up for codePost here.

Before saving, codePost will ask you to confirm any changes you're making. For example, codePost will alert you if your new student roster doesn't include students who were previously enrolled. 

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