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How to: Enable Anonymous Grading mode
How to: Enable Anonymous Grading mode
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How can I enable Anonymous Grading mode?

You can enable Anonymous Grading mode from the Assignments page of the Admin Console.

You can also make it so that newly created Assignments have this mode enabled by default. To do so, navigate to your Course's settings and toggle "Default to Anonymous Grading Mode."

What does Anonymous Grading mode do?

Anonymous Grading Mode hides student identity from most graders, preventing them from associating a submission with student identity. Normally, graders can view the emails of students associated with a submission. When grading in Anonymous Grading Mode, graders will see anonymized IDs instead of student emails.

Note that codePost does not alter submission code, so identifying information may still be present in code (e.g. in a comment at the top of a submission file). If you want to remove this information, you will need to do so before uploading a submission to codePost.

Check out our "Using Anonymous Grading Mode" tutorial to check out an example workflow that removes student information from code prior to upload to fully anonymize grading.

Who can override Anonymous Grading Mode?

The following users can choose to reveal student information, even when Anonymous Grading Mode is on. Consider this when assigning roles to graders within your course.

  • Graders who are also Course Admins can reveal student emails for any submission

  • Supergraders can reveal student emails for any submission

  • Graders who are Section leaders can reveal student emails for any submission they have access to

For these users, student information will still be hidden by default.

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