What are rubric category caps?

Point limits specify the maximum number of points that can be deducted using rubric comments from a rubric category.

For example, let's say I have a rubric category called Style with two comments.

  • No comments in this file!  (Deduction: 1)

  • This comment is too verbose  (Deduction: 1)

If I set the point limit of this category to 2 and apply each comment twice, then only a total of 2 points will be deducted (instead of 4).

In other words, the number of points deducted from a rubric category equals min(applied deductions, point limit).

How can I set or edit rubric category point limits?

You can set or edit rubric category point limits from the Rubric Editor.

Leaving the point limit field blank means no point limit will be applied to the rubric category. A point limit of 0 means that no points will be deducted from the rubric category, no matter how many rubric comments from the category are applied.

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