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FAQ: What's a supergrader?
FAQ: What's a supergrader?
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A supergrader is a grader with elevated privileges. Specifically, a supergrader can view and edit any submission within a course. Whereas a typical grader can only be assigned submissions or claim from the Submission Queue. 

Supergraders have access to the following screen within the Grader Console.

Why should I make a grader a supergrader?

Supergrader status allows admins to grant graders elevated privilege without granting them the full scope of admin privilege. For example, a supergrader can view and edit any submission, but cannot edit a course's roster, create new assignments, or publish existing ones.

Users often designate the following types of course staff as supergraders:

  • Lead TAs

  • Course staff involved in auditing grader work

An admin can grant a grader supergrader privileges by navigating to the Roster tab of the Admin Console.

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