codePost allows instructors to provide high-quality feedback on student programming work: both automated feedback (tests) and manual feedback (annotations directly on code, possibly from a rubric).

What can I do with codePost?

If you have run a CS course, you can use codePost to:

  • Accept student work: students can submit their code to codePost, so you don't have to worry about collecting anything manually

  • Automatically evaluate student code: write tests that run automatically when students submit

  • Annotate and grade student code: Effortlessly place in-line annotations on student code, and apply rubrics

  • Check for evidence of plagiarism: run Moss on student submissions to screen for code similarity and evidence of potential plagiarism

  • Manage course staff: Parallelize grading by assigning submissions to graders, and audit their work to ensure feedback quality is consistent.

  • Return feedback to students: Push a button to publish feedback to students, triage regrade request, and even collect feedback (from students) on your feedback!

Who uses codePost?

If you run CS course in any context (university, high school, etc.), you can use codePost to deliver feedback on student code. You're a codePost admin

Your students can log onto codePost to view their reviewed and graded work. 

You can onboard your course staff to parallelize grading and give them insights into student performance. Course staff may include:

  • TAs

  • Section / lab leaders

  • Undergraduate graders

What sets codePost apart?

At codePost, our primary goal is to make it as easy as possible for instructors to provide high-quality feedback. Everything we build places an emphasis on feedback quality.

We think our autograder is the easiest way to write and run automated tests. And we also think codePost is the fastest and most convenient way to place customized annotations on student code. Code annotation is an afterthought in most grading tools, but not codePost. We think personalized feedback and automated testing go hand in hand, so we built the tools to make the former easy and the latter possible. 

codePost is also uniquely flexible. We integrate with lots of other tools, so you can add codePost to your workflow without eliminating any existing systems you have in place. codePost can integrate with your:

  • Autograder

  • LMS

  • Submission system

Want to know more?

You can always message us from the chatbox on the bottom right of any page of our site to ask us questions. We respond quickly :-)

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