Enabling regrade requests

To enable regrade requests, turn on the corresponding assignment setting. You can optionally set a deadline after which regrade requests won't be accepted. 

How students submit regrade requests

Once this setting is enabled, students will be able to request a regrade from their submissions, like this:

The toggle below the textbox allows students to mark whether they are asking a question about their feedback or formally requesting a regrade.

How to respond to regrade requests

Both admins and graders can respond to regrade requests. 

For admins

Admins can open up a panel from the Assignments panel. From here, admins can view, claim, respond to, and close, regrades. 

  • Claim = assign yourself to handle the regrade request

  • Respond = send a message back to the student. You can use this space to explain whether you changed the student's grade.

  • Close = mark the regrade request as completed

You must claim a regrade request before you can respond to it. Admins can claim any regrade request. Responding to a regrade request allows you to send a message back to the student. 

For graders

After selecting an assignment with regrade requests enabled, graders will see a tab called "Regrade Requests" in the left sidebar. Opening this tab by default shows open regrade requests from submissions graded by the grader. Toggling the "view all regrades" button on the top right of this page will show all outstanding regrade requests in the course, allowing a grader to respond to any regrade request.

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