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codePost Autograder

The codePost autograder allows you to create and run tests on your students' code. Since writing tests is an O(1)  operation while manually testing student code is an O(n) operation (where n  is the number of students in your course), automated tests can save you a lot of time when grading (especially if you have a large course).

 With the codePost autograder, you can do the following:

  • Define tests using our easy-to-use editor, and test them against solution code

  • Run tests against student code, all at once or individually. When a student sees their submission, they’ll see the test results in the same console as their code and comments.

  • Automatically deduct or add points to a submission based on tests passed and failed

  • Allow students to see test output whenever they submit, so they get immediate feedback

This article is an overview of the codePost autograder's features, and includes links you can use to learn more.

Using the codePost autograder

There are three key steps to using the codePost autograder. Follow these links to learn more

  1. Writing tests

  2. Running tests

  3. Viewing test results

An example of a simple no-code test in the test editor!

Answers to FAQs

Here are some FAQs.

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