codePost allows you to automatically deduct points for submissions that are submitted after the assignment's due date. Points are deducted in the form of special, autogenerated comments that can be adjusted or removed in order to handle special-cases. 

The point deductions are only ever automatically applied at the time when a student submits. Any changes to the deduction after submission can be made by a Grader or Admin within the Code Console.

Students will be notified of the penalty prior to submit

codePost submission deadlines include a 2-hour grace period (so late deductions won't be applied unless a submission is submitted more than 2 hours after an assignment due date).

Set deduction values per late day from your assignment settings


Before you can use this feature, you must confirm that your assignment settings meet all of the following prerequisites. 

  • Allow Student Upload: ON

  • Allow Late Submissions: ON

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