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How to use Late Day Credits for your course

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Many courses choose to grant students a fixed number of Late Day Credits for a student to use over the term. Using credits allows a student to avoid being penalized for a late submission. 

Late Day Credits in codePost work as follows:

  • Under Course Settings, set the total number of Late Day Credits allocated to each student 

  • Create an assignment and add Automatic Deductions for Late Submissions

  • If a student submits an assignment late, then they will use their Late Day Credits (maximum 2 per assignment) before the get penalized

In order to account for special cases, Admins and Graders can edit the number of late day credits used by an assignment.

Let's walk through an example:

  • Sally Student begins CS101 with 3 Late Day Credits.

  • The course deducts 10 points for each day that a submission is late.

  • She submits "Hello World" 2 days after the due date.

  • Sally doesn't get penalized, and instead uses 2 of her Late Day Credits. Now she has 1 left.

  • Next, Sally submits "Recursion" 3 days late.

  • Now, she uses her final Late Day Credit, her submission is counted as 2 days late, and she receives an automatic deduction of 20 (2 x 10). 

When students submit late, they will be informed of the number of  Late Day Credits the submission will consume, and whether they will be assessed a late penalty.

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