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How to: Upload student submissions
How to: Upload student submissions

Upload a single submission or multiple submissions from the Admin Console

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Once you've created an assignment, you need to upload student submissions to codePost before they can be reviewed and graded.

Uploading a single submission

To upload a single submission, navigate to the Single Submission Upload screen as shown below.

From here, you can specify the students who this submission belongs to. You can add as many students as you want here, just remember that a student can have at most one submission per assignment.

Once you've uploaded relevant files, hit Upload to finish uploading the submission.

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Uploading multiple submissions

If you need to upload multiple submissions at once, you can do so by navigating to the Multiple Submissions Upload screen as shown below.

Before uploading multiple submissions, you'll need to organize your submissions using a specific file structure, shown below.

   / <-- student <-- files
   /, <-- students <-- files

Create a folder with the same name as the assignment you're trying to upload. Next, for each submission, create a folder whose name is a comma-separated list of students associated with the submission. Finally, place the submission's files inside the relevant folders. 

Once your submissions are in this format, you can upload the entire folder by either

  • Dragging the folder into the Multiple Submissions Upload screen,

  • or click to upload the folder.

After uploading your folder, codePost will alert you to any errors and allow you to review the submissions you uploaded before saving them. 

Next stop: learn how to start grading!

Overwriting existing submissions

If you'd like to overwrite existing submissions from the submission upload window, you can do so by toggling Overwrite Mode. After you turn on Overwrite mode, codePost will perform the following when you drag in new submissions:

  • Check to see which students for which you are pushing submissions already have submissions on codePost

  • Remove these students from the old submissions

  • For all submissions that would be left without any students, delete the old submissions.

Here's an example to bring this mode to life. Let's say you have an assignment called "Hello World." You've already uploaded submissions for a subset of your students, as shown below (since we don't care about the submission's contents, we'll focus on the students field of each submission)

  • Submission0.students = 

  • Submission1.students = 

  • Submission2.students =, 

  • Submission3.students =, 

Now, you enabled overwrite mode and proceed to upload two new submissions:

  • Submission4.students = 

  • Submission5.students =,, 

When you try to upload these submissions, codePost will first:

  • Delete Submission0 (since you're uploading a new submission for )

  • Remove  from Submission2 (since you aren't uploading a new submission for , codePost won't delete this submission)

  • Delete Submission3 (since you're uploading a new submission for  and )

Be careful when using overwrite mode! Deleted submissions and feedback applied to them can't be recovered.

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