In general, there are two ways in which instructors can use codePost to leave feedback for students. 

  1. When formally grading a submission for an assignment

  2. When informally reviewing a submission during physical or virtual office hours

This guide will explain how to use codePost for the second category. 

Step 1: Create an assignment for office hours

To begin, create a new assignment to represent office hours. This allows you to decouple office hour submissions from formal submissions. You could also create a new course for office hour submissions, but that would require synchronizing your roster between both old and new course.

Step 2: Turn on "Live feedback mode" and "Allow student upload"

Navigate to your new assignment's settings.

First, enable Allow student upload and set a due date to allow students to submit code.

Next, turn on Live Feedback mode. Turning on this setting allows students to see your feedback before a submission is finalized and the assignment is published.

Step 3: Leave feedback!

After your student submits their code, you can find their submission and leave feedback. Students can see your feedback by opening up their submission. If you want to leave feedback synchronously, students will need to refresh their window to see comments that were made after they originally opened the page.

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