What is Live Feedback mode?

Live Feedback mode is an assignment-level setting. When enabled,

  • Students can view submissions, including comments and score, before an assignment is published or a submission finalized. In other words, any submission, no matter its status, is visible by the students who submitted it.

  • If student upload is enabled, students can upload multiple versions of the same file. Any comments placed on older versions will be preserved. Note: A student uploading files to an already finalized submission will unfinalize that submission.

How do I enable Live Feedback mode?

Turn on Live feedback mode. Turning on this setting allows students to see your feedback before a submission is finalized and the assignment is published.

Next, optionally enable Allow student upload and set a due date to allow students to submit multiple versions of their code.

If student upload is enabled, students will be able to submit code for you to review. They can re-upload as many times as necessary (before the assignment's due date), including adding new files and new versions of old files.

Both instructors and students can access all uploaded versions of a file from the code console, by hovering over the number inside the gray square. Doing so allows you to see comments left on older file versions, as well as consider a student's progress when leaving feedback.

What is Live Feedback mode useful for?

Live Feedback mode is particularly useful for:

  • Smaller, informal courses

  • Office hours

  • Any situation in which feedback is delivered synchronously (in person or remotely). Students can see new feedback by refreshing their code console

  • Any situation in which feedback is delivered iteratively

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